Thursday, 11 November 2010

Poor old plod

They go in hard to tackle the G20 protesters and get it seriously they go very soft on the apparently non-threatening students and they get it seriously wrong again.

What are they to do?

UPDATE - I think this picture sums it all up - minority student or anarchist or whomever doing criminal damage, witnessed by Plod in the background- but more seriously - criminal damage for the clear purpose of obtaining media coverage - count the number of photo/video journalists - which came first?  The criminal damage or the prurient press interest?


  1. Yep - as Grim says to Fowler in 'The Thin Blue Line', "pity the poor plod".

    Maybe more water cannon are needed. Many students seem to avoid water - certainly in the form of baths or showers - so that would certainly have dispersed them!

  2. What are they to do?

    Stop taking any notice of the armchair critics, stop worrying about what people think about them and do what they do best, that's what.