Friday, 17 December 2010

Mr Assange is Innocent until proven guilty.....

I entirely support Charon QC on the Assange case.

The charges against him are serious and need to be tested in the justice system of Sweden.  He is innocent until proven guilty.

Instead of speculating about his innocence or guilt, we should be applauding our own justice system which has provided him with swift access to justice at first instance and appellate level and has procured him his qualified liberty whilst ensuring, in so far as is fair and reasonable, that he does not become a fugitive.  Few other legal systems would have performed this quickly or this fairly.  Whatever pressure the US Govt have put on foreign states to apprehend Assange (if any, who actually knows?) it is clear that the Senior District Judge of the Metropolis and the Honourable Mr Justice Ouseley are as robustly independent of anybody and everybody as their judicial duty requires.

Frankly I am quite proud of our performance so far..................

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