Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Hurrah!!! Mayor's & City is saved.........

Mayor's and City Court has been saved.  It was due for abolition as part of the Coalition's Court Closure programme, but it has been saved.

The civil court which has sat for the longest will sit some more.  

After demanding on this blog that Sir John Dyson be made a Lord and that happening yesterday, I am feeling chuffed that I made a plea to save M and CC and it has been saved today.

Previous blog entry here.

Press statement here.

See here for M and CC's history taken from Hansard in 1920 when the Bill which formed the modern Court was being debated:

Note that FE Smith (as Lord Birkenhead LC) said this:

I trust also, in the revival of the ancient glories of the old and famous Courts of the City of London

Here Here!

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