Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Been to Scotland - made me think....

Had a hearing in Scotland recently - one of those statutory tribunals where anybody can appear (including even an English Barrister) and which has UK wide jurisdiction (law the same in every constituent of the currently United Kingdom).  

The Tribunal hears appeals from the grant and administration of a UK wide entitlement.  

The body that hands them out is partially based in Glasgow. 

If Scotland becomes independent, who the hell is going to:

(a) pay these benefits
(b) administer them
(c) decide the appeals - according to what law?

This is just one of the many different intertwining tentacles holding Scotland firmly to the rest of the UK's breast.

How is an independent Scotland going to survive without these life lines?

& then there is the small issue of where to put all those missiles:  


 A yes vote will merely be followed by years if not decades of negotiating, arguing and re-organising - it will probably cost billions and it is hard to see why the English, Welsh and N Irish tax payer should pay for what only a majority of the resident Scottish electorate (not of Scots, given that so many live outside of Caledonia) want.

Come on, stay in the Union, it is not that bad, but if you leave, it will be...............

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