Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lots of swearing (in) marks new legal year...

The new LC (Grayling), PSC (Neuberger) and MR (Dyson) were all sworn into office at the start of the new Legal Year yesterday.   There was also the usual service in the Abbey (and Red Mass in the Cathedral) and 'breakfast' in the Hall.
I see District Judges were invited to wear their little seen Star Trek robes.  Masters of the High Court wear something similar (save for the Senior Master who has a Tricorn hat etc) but with Pink tabs - I've never actually seen them in the Pink.

Wall P has announced his retirement as P of the Fam D and Morrit is going as Ch as Ch D.  So it will be all change at the top  - in addition to finding a replacement for Dyson in the SC.  Arden LJ is being tipped for both JSC and Ch - so she may have make a choice between the 2 jobs.  Black LJ might be elevated to P, although MacFarlane LJ may well be the favourite...

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