Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lots going on....

HMG appears to have taken the interesting step of abolishing non-European Law based employment rights for those who are prepared to sell them to their employer for £2,000 (of shares in their employer).  Litigation will focus on whether the employee had a genuine choice as to whether to surrender their rights or not.

I asked before I went on holiday: What happened to Assange's bail sureties?  The Chief Magistrate has told us in ruling that they are all estreated in the following sums:

Tricia David £10,000

Caroline Evans £15,000
Joseph Farrell £3500
Sarah Harrison £3500
Phillip Knightley £15,000
Sarah Saunders £12,000
Vaughan Smith £12,000
John Sulston £15,000
Tracy Worcester £7500

McCombe J has waved the Mau Mau claims through to the next round following a limitation hearing.  HMG really ought to start stashing away some cash if Leigh Day and others are going to start trawling the former Empire for PI cases left behind after the Imperial flag was hauled down.  One can think of a few more fertile claims farming fields in the Commonwealth....

Meanwhile the Law Officers of the Kingdom are slugging it out in the Supreme Court over a constitutional crisis arising over some Welsh byelaws.  The question that everybody is asking - is Theodore wearing his new £5,000 insignia?

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