Thursday, 13 September 2012


As a young teenage Liverpool FC supporter I watched Hillsborough unfold on a TV set located in a Yorkshire town not so far up the M1 from the ground, until my parents averted my eyes.

My eyes have not been averted from the shameful policing, pathologist and Coronial behaviour that has been found to have occurred after this tragedy.  Obiter J has set it all out in his usual excellent style.

The AG must use his fiat to have these inquests re-opened without delay and a Judge or judicial retiree should be sent to Sheffield to hear them, the families having legal aid to secure proper representation.  Dame Janet Smith has done the job of Coroner and inquiring judge before in Manchester following Shipman and she is now retired from the Court of Appeal (and is currently Treasurer of Lincoln's Inn).  She is from, is well known and is well respected in the North West.


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  1. Thank you for your kind comment. Where this goes from here is tricky. All sorts of things are being suggested in the media about prosecutions (whether of individuals or corporate bodies); a possible new public inquiry; a new inquest etc.

    The Attorney-General has now said that he will act as speedily as possible but it may take some time before he reaches a decision about referring the case to the High Court.

    The quashing of the Coroner's Court inquisition and a new inquest seems to be the better option at this stage. At least then the people of Liverpool may get more realistic verdicts from the new inquest.

    As I suspect you do also think, I have no doubt whatever that a senior Judge (retired or otherwise) ought to preside at any new inquest. A number of names come to mind but I'll keep my powder dry on that for now !!