Sunday, 9 January 2011

18 months for David Chaytor

I think it is quite a moment in English Legal History when a Member of Her Majesty's High Court of Parliament receives 18 months in custody for acts and omissions arising out of his elected office.  MPs from time to time might murder, insider deal or get caught speeding - but to be convicted of stealing from tax payers in relation to monies paid in compensation of being an MP - such acts of public corruption are little more Continental in flavour and rare in the UK.  Let's hope that the current trend is short lived......


  1. What do you mean? "Arising out of his elected office?" This was fraud. What school did you go to? Breach of Trust AND fraud is what it was. An elected official caught committing fraud should get double the sentence that anyone else would get. No wonder everything sees lawyers as crooks. Their analytical skills are perverted. Get a life.

  2. Had such Politicians "Expenses" and "Allowances" been investigated from February 2000 by The Humberside Police instead of being ignored or swept under the carpet; in my opinion Many other charges could have been brought against certain MP/s and a certain Political Party regards receiving "Tainted" funding and certain Sponsorship money (over many years prior.)But it wasn't!!
    In my opinion an investigation would have blow the Funding and Sponsorship matter wide open, but it wasn't to be; because when you get cloaked "Conflicts of Interests" between the various Public Authorities and those in Parliament and a Strict Parliamentary Convention and a Memorandum of Understanding between ACPO (Head Officers of Police,) The Law society, and Insurers, what chance do ordinary Joe Public have of getting such matters investigated/ revealed into the Public Domain?? ..Also;...had such an investigation been carried out from February 2000 when requested what savings could have been made for us the Duped British Tax Payers???

  3. Regards the comments posted by A Barrister in London at 21:13 What Planet does this Barrister come from??? Perhaps he will deny the law from the Hitler period that is floating around the EU, which is the secretive Law on Legal Advice brought into being 13th December 1935 as a consequence of;-"The Reichstach fire of 1933,(then called "The Reichstach Fire Decree",) which has been implemented into EU legislation to control our rights to justice, which then got strengthened by the Maastriech Treaty when the controversial word “Subsidiarity” got implanted into Article 51 of that Treaty, they also re-jigged Article 53 of the same Treaty, (signed in the UK in February 1992,) and remains compatible with EU convention on H-R and Freedoms to the present Lisbon Treaty,) which appear get-out routes if we should challenge a Member State Regime, or someone with influence in these doubt??