Thursday, 10 June 2010


I utterly agree with this from Joshua Rozenberg 

Where are the Bills?  I keep looking at the Parliament Bills web page and there are no Bills to enact any of the Government's great plans - where is the Great Reform Bill?

It is very odd that this long after an election and a Queen's Speech - so very little draft legislation has been released - what is Parliament going to debate? Has Parliamentary Counsel gone on strike?  Is it all being held up by the need of coalition partners to agree everything?  Is this a new laid back style of governing -but taken too far?  Or is the public deficit so high, that the Govt cannot afford to publish Bills?

This is the list of Bills from the Queen's Speech: only those in red are before Parliament (see here for list of public bills before Parliament) -

Office for Budget Responsibility Bill
National Insurance Contributions Bill
Welfare Reform Bill
Pensions and Savings Bill
Financial Services Regulation Bill
Equitable Life Payments Scheme Bill
Airports Economic Regulation Bill
Postal Services Bill
Energy Security and Green Economy Bill
Academies Bill
Education and Children’s Bill
Health Bill
Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill
Public Bodies (Reform) Bill
Decentralisation and Localism Bill
Local Government Bill
Parliamentary Reform Bill
Parliamentary Privilege (Draft Bill)
Freedom (Great Repeal) Bill
Identity Documents Bill
Scotland Bill
European Communities (Amendment) Referendum Lock Bill
Armed Forces Bill
Terrorist Asset Freezing Bill

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