Monday, 7 June 2010

Stalin found guilty

I enjoyed this little oddity - a Court in Ukraine has convicted Stalin and his assistants of genocide committed against the Ukrainian nation during the famine in 1932-1933.

See the article - Ukraine’s Past on Trial | The New York Review of Books

I particularly liked the fact that Stalin (decd) was tried by a Court he would have recognised for its lack of openness and fairness.  Ironic really:

Should history be a matter of law? This trial, approved by Yushchenko and arranged by the Security Service of Ukraine, summons the spirit of Stalinism that it was meant to dispel. Rather than a regular judicial proceeding, the trial was conducted by a modernized troika: a Security Service officer, a prosecutor, and a judge, meeting in closed chambers for a single day, then passing judgment on ghosts. .....................

This is an actual photo of the judge delivering the verdict - see the website of the Ukranian Security Service which Google will translate for you -

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