Sunday, 14 February 2010

A guide to how to suggest amendments to a judgment for Sumption QC

The Practice Direction to Part 40 to the Civil Procedure Rules contains the following rules on providing comments to a Court on a draft judgment prior to handing down - Sumption note the bit in bold

Corrections to the draft judgment


Unless the parties or their legal representatives are told otherwise when the draft judgment is circulated, any proposed corrections to the draft judgment should be sent to the clerk of the judge who prepared the draft with a copy to any other party.

And now see this


  1. ... but what will happen to Mr Sumption QC for breaching this long-standing (400 years or more?) practice?

  2. I doubt the Bar Standards Board will be whizzing into action over the conduct of a member of the Judicial Appointments Commission.

  3. Law Society Gazette 18th February: item by Joshua Rozenberg "Setting the Record Straight."

    Rozenberg discusses HM Treasury v Ahmed and the Binyam Mohamed case. He points out that Jonathan Sumption's letter was a "far from objective account of the judge's original observations." As an advocate, Sumption would have put the case for suppression of the paragraph at its highest. He then goes on to say that Sumption should therefore support representations that Lord Neuberger's missing paragraph should be published in full.