Friday, 26 February 2010


(appointees in alphabetical order)
Mr David Jeffrey Aaronberg
Mr Piers Dyke Acland
Mr Mark Roger Anderson
Mr Mohammed Jalil Akhter Asif
Mr Nicholas Michael Bacon
Mr Alexander Bailin
Mr Rupert Patrick Craig Baldry
Mr Charles Jefferis Woodburn Benson
Miss Jane Bewsey
Miss Zia Kurban Bhaloo
Miss Claire Blanchard
Ms Veronique Eira Buehrlen
Mr John Malcolm Burton
Mr David John Cavender
Mr Patrick Chamberlayne
Mr Jeffrey Paul Chapman
Mr Julian Mark Carmichael Christopher
Mr Michael Jeremy Patrick Coburn
Mrs Michelle Diane Mary Colborne
Mr John Gordon Cooper
Mr Nigel Stuart Cooper
Miss Jane Elizabeth Cross
Mr Derrick Ralph Dale
Miss Katharine Louise D'Arcy
Mr Arthur Alan Dashwood
Mr Michael James Davie
Ms Anuja Ravindra Dhir
Mr Paul Simon Downes
Mr Michael Simon Edenborough
Mr Philip Douglas Edwards
Miss Naomi Lisa Ellenbogen
Mr John Cowie Elvidge
Miss Susan Louise Carr Evans
Mr Francis Thomas Feehan
Mr Francis George Herbert Dillon FitzGibbon
Mr William David Wingate Flenley
Mr Steven Charles Ford
Mr Gerard Forlin
Ms Isabella Louise Forshall
Mr Rudi Fletcher Fortson
Mr Kerim Selchuk Fuad
Mr Joseph John Bela Leslie Giret
Mr Paul Richard Greaney
Mr Andrew James Dominic Green
Miss Sally Harrison
Mr Neil Ashley Hawes
Ms Sioban Mary Healy
Mr Kevin John Hegarty
Mr Mark Adrian Heywood
Mr David Seymour Hislop
Miss Katharine Jane Holland
Mr David John Hooper
Mr George Hugh-Jones
Mr Syed Raza Husain
Mr Paul Richard Hynes
Mr Thomas Victor William Kark
Mr Lee Nadesalingam Karu
Mr Christopher Laurence Paul Kennedy
Ms Judith Khan
Mr Charles Dominic Kimmins
Mr Cyril Kinsky
Mr Jonathan Kirk
Mr Stephen Knafler
Mr Steven Laszlo Kovats
Mr Sean Larkin
Mr Nicholas Peter Le Poidevin
Mr Thomas Alexander Crispin Leech
Mr Robert Stuart Levy
Mr John Letablere Litton
Mr Andrew James Lloyd-Eley
Mr Andrew William Jardine Lockhart
Mr Amjad Raza Malik
Mr David Buchanan Mason
Mr Harold Nsamba Matovu
Mr Richard Andrew Matthews
Mr William Thomas McCormick
Mr Angus Maxwell Thomas McCullough
Mr Bryan Nicholas McGuire
Mr Manus Anthony McMullan
Mr Alexander Hugh Milne
Dr Timothy John Moloney
Mr Neil Robert Moody
Ms Helen Mountfield
Mr Gordon Lawrence Nardell
Mr Cairns Louis David Nelson
Mr Andrew Bennett Newcombe
Mr Peter Robert Oldham
Mr Brian Patrick O'Neill
Mr Daniel Richard Oudkerk
Mr Benedict Joseph Patten
Mr Robert Roger Peel
Mr Simon Benjamin Phillips
Mr Julian Mark Picton
Mr Timothy Sheridan Pitt-Payne
Mr Nigel John Power
Mr Piers Charles William Pressdee
Mr Thomas Price
Mr Philip Carslake Rainey
Mr Paul Stuart Malcolm Reed
Mr Jonathan David Rees
Mr Andrew James Rigney
Mr Jonathan Huw Sinclair Russen
Mr Matthew Conrad Ryder
Mr James Timothy Norman Scobie
Mr Akhil Shah
Mr Andrew John Short
Mr Richard Penkivil Slade
Mr Marcus Alexander Smith
Mr David Hugh Southey
Mr Paul Mallalieu Stanley
Mr Daniel Malachi Stilitz
Mr Christopher Paul Stoner
Miss Jemima Lucy Stratford
Mr Jonathan Mark Swift
Mr David Travers
Mr George Marcus Arthur Trinick
Mr Paul Geoffrey Tucker
Mr Ian Stephen Unsworth
Mr Adam Skanda Vaitilingam
Mr Ian Wade
Mr Robert Thomas Macdonald Weir
Mr Martin Trevor Westgate
Ms Philippa Jane Edwards Whipple
Mr Jonathan Whitfield
Miss Anne Lynne Whyte
Miss Joanne Wicks
Mr Sean David Henry Wilken
Mr Rhodri John Williams
Mr Ian Wise


  1. 129 more QCs! Is that actually merited in the public interest? Some years ago there was a move to abolish this rank but it survived. It always looked like vested interests prevailed over the public interest. Can this rank be truly defended these days?

  2. I would add to my post above that the consultaion (held by the former DCA) produced some interesting responses. The one by the London Solicitors Litigation Association struck me as being particularly convincing in arguing that it should not be the State which makes these awards to members of a profession and that distinctions between different forms of advocate should be avoided.

  3. The reason QC was kept was that it is still worth a lot of money to those who receive it (average increase in fees). It also commands respect internationally (they love it at The Hague and in New York) and produces leaders for the profession. Solicitor advocates have been recipients for some time - one of them now sits in the Supreme Court. It is no longer awarded by the State (save in formal terms) but by a mixed lay and professional appointments panel.