Friday, 22 January 2010


There has been a lot of inaccurate things said about self-defence and the case of Munir Hussein lately.
His case has nothing to with self-defence but about allowing our justice system to punish criminals rather than taking 'the law into your own hands'.
The judge at first instance got it right:
It may be that some members of the public or media commentators will assert that the man Salem deserved what happened to him at the hands of you and the two others involved and that you should not have been prosecuted and need not be punished.

However, if persons were permitted to take the law into their own hands and inflict their own instant and violent punishment on an apprehended offender rather than letting justice run its course, then the rule of law which are the hallmarks of a civilised society, would collapse. The courts must make it clear that such conduct is criminal and unacceptable.
Commentators should also note that the valiant Mr Hussein was found by the jury to have lied to them about his lack of involvement at all in the attack:

Of course, it is to be noted that it was never suggested by you or on your behalf in the trial that there was any justification for the attack upon Salem. You simply claimed that you were not involved in it.
The jury was sure that you were involved and convicted you of this serious offence of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to cause such harm.

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