Tuesday, 5 January 2010


My home Borough, the London Borough of Greenwich is to have Royal Borough status conferred on it in 2012 to mark The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  It will join Windsor & Maidenhead, Kensington & Chelsea, Kingston upon Thames and The Royal Town of Caernarvon in Wales. 

Sutton Coldfield was made a Royal Town by Henry VIII (for 'forever' his Charter said) but was subsumed into the City of Birmingham.

There will also be a competition for City Status in 2012.  I am hoping that Huddersfield, another place close to my heart will finally cease to be the largest town in England, although technically the City honour would have to go to the made up place of the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees in which it administratively dwells.   Reading may also be a candidate?

Interestingly Greenwich applied to be made a City (along with Croydon?) in the 2002 Golden Jubilee City Status competition.  The winners were  Preston, Newport, Stirling, Lisburn and Newry in 2002.  

Trivia - Rochester upon Medway in Kent is the only City to ever have lost its City status (in 1998) - perhaps Her Majesty will be pleased to give it back.

The Queen will also promote a Mayor to Lord Mayor and a Scots Provost to Lord Provost in 2012.  In 2002 the Lord Mayor winner was Exeter.  Scotland has not had a new Lord Provost for years.

There is also going to be a 4 day week-end and a new medal.  

This is what Lord M said in the House of Lords this pm;

3.08 pm

The First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and Lord President of the Council (Lord Mandelson): My Lords, with your Lordships’ permission, I would like to make a brief and important Statement about the Government’s plans to mark Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
Two thousand and twelve will be a landmark year for Her Majesty, Britain and the Commonwealth. Queen Victoria is the only British monarch to have celebrated a Diamond Jubilee. However modestly our present Queen might approach this celebration, I know that people across the whole country will want the chance to recognise this remarkable achievement, paying tribute to the Queen and celebrating with great pride and affection Her Majesty’s 60 years on the throne. It will also be an opportunity for us as a country to reflect on the incredible changes that have taken place, both here and around the world, over the past six decades. We want this to be a nationwide celebration. Working with colleagues in Buckingham Palace and the devolved Administrations, we are currently planning a series of fitting events to enable communities all over the country to mark the Diamond Jubilee. Although we are still in the early stages of organisation, I can confirm to the House that these celebrations will take place around the first week of June 2012.
In honour of Her Majesty, we will create a special Diamond Jubilee weekend, moving the late May bank holiday to Monday 4 June, and adding an extra bank holiday on Tuesday 5 June. In Scotland, national holidays are a devolved matter and we will work closely with the Scottish Government to help ensure that people across the United Kingdom can celebrate the jubilee together.
In keeping with previous jubilees, we also plan to issue a Diamond Jubilee medal. Over the next few months we will be considering this in more detail, and who should be eligible to receive it. In addition, we will be holding national competitions to be launched later this year for city status, a Lord Mayoralty and Lord Provostship. Further details of these and other government plans for the Diamond Jubilee are available in the Printed Paper Office as well as online, via the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s website (www.culture.gov.uk/diamondjubilee).
Finally, I can confirm that the Queen has agreed, as a mark of royal favour, to confer royal borough status on the London Borough of Greenwich. This rare honour is to be bestowed in recognition of the historically close links forged between Greenwich and our royal family, from the Middle Ages to the present day, and the borough’s global significance as the home of the Prime Meridian, Greenwich Mean Time and a UNESCO world heritage site.
Further announcements will follow as our plans for the Diamond Jubilee are confirmed, but I know that voluntary organisations and local communities will benefit from this early indication of the relevant dates. This will be a truly historic occasion and a testament to the hard work and dedication of Her Majesty the Queen to this country and her people. We are committed to ensuring that celebrations take place of which we can all truly be proud.

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