Monday, 21 April 2014

Don't really like the idea of positive discrimination

because the best person should get the job -

but then you read the statistics and realise that there are 5 BME High Court Judges out of 108 and no more at a higher position.  15 BME of 654 Circuit Judges and 27 BME Civil DJs of 446 in total.  The judicial trainees are where it gets even more worrying -  68 BME Recorders out of 1196 and 39 of 764 DDJs (Civil) or in other words there is no hope of the full time judicial numbers getting much better in the near future.  4.8% BME of the total judiciary!  13 of the 100 new QCs are BME (of the 225 applicants, 32 were BME).  Only 10% of practising Bar is BME.

Time for positive discrimination? Time for quotas? Check out this bewildering Belgian example....

Don't like it, instinctively think it is unfair to the non-protected characteristic candidates?  But then something must be done.............Perhaps if two candidates are equal in merit, the BME gets the role?

What's the answer?

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