Wednesday, 27 June 2012

New Euro Judges...

To the ECtHR to replace Sir Nicholas Bratza (current President)  - the unknown Paul J. Mahoney (83 votes), who was the Court's registrar 2001-2005 and indeed has worked at the Court after spending only 4 years as a Barrister in London 1972-1974.  He beat Ben Emmerson QC of Matrix (48 votes) (would not have done well with the Torries) and Rachel Agnello QC of 11SB (looks very boring and no HR experience? - 27 votes) in the elections (voted by members of the Parliamentary Assembly drawn from the member states).  No doubt a knighthood is on its way....

To the ECJ to replace Sir Konrad Schiemann, Christopher Vajda QC  of Monckton Chambers (looks spot on to me)- who will take up office in October 2012....another knighthood pending?


  1. Still, large parts of the British press and of Parliament will continue to call the ECtHR a "foreign court" - without any justification:

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