Thursday, 2 February 2012

When will the Chief Coroner be appointed!!! Fred Shredded by letters patent (but Greenwich made a Royal Borough by the same happy means)...and what are the Supreme Court doing hearing the Assange appeal?

Please please hurry up with the Chief Coroner......the Coronial system needs someone to take charge and keep all of these esoteric and eccentric Coroners in order....

Appointing your wife as your deputy when she does not comply with section 2 Coroners Act and letting her hear the Winehouse inquest?

Qualifications for appointment as coroner.

(1)No person shall be qualified to be appointed as coroner unless—

(a)he has a 5 year general qualification, within the meaning of section 71 of the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990; or

(b) he is a legally qualified medical practitioner of not less than five years’ standing . . .

Plus this Deputy in West Yorkshire was allegedly disbelieved on her oath in a criminal case and remains in post....(according to this report).

Plus I see that Fred has been formally shredded by letters patent; what a way to go.....

Crown Office
House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW
1 February 2012
Letters Patent dated 1 February 2012 have passed the Great Seal of
the Realm cancelling and annulling the Knighthood conferred upon
Frederick Anderson Goodwin on the 25 November 2004 as a Knight

(although we are all looking forward to seeing the letters patent granting Royal status to the London Borough of Greenwich this week end - there will be celebrations galore...)

I cannot believe that the Supreme Court has given Assange's appeal the time of day given its complete lack of prospects of success; notwithstanding its elegant presentation by DRQC.

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