Thursday, 6 October 2011

Did the Earth move?

So apparently from today Waitrose can invest in my mean lean Barrister legal machine.  Save that I am quite happy in independent practice offering my low overhead relatively cheap service to the actually I don't care.  Alternative Business Structures (ABS) have arrived.  I am looking forward to my first instructions from M&S or perhaps if I am lucky, even Fortnam and Masons, I suspect my Chief Clerk would not allow Tesco inside the building.  ASDA and Lidl would not get inside the Temple Bar.  Sainsburys might just be allowed to sit on the second best chairs in the waiting room. What we will certainly not being doing is shacking up with solicitors....over the collective dead bodies of the bewigged sister/brotherhood....bring on Ocado Law.....let the good times roll.....

1 comment:

  1. An informal agreement to manage the market?

    Looks like evidence of a potential restraint of trade to me.