Wednesday, 27 October 2010


From this procedural order and the timetable below it looks like the Home Secretary is squaring up tomorrow to try to force Assistant Deputy Coroner, Dame Heather Hallett to hold her 7/7 inquest in camera to hear some sensitive evidence.  Should be an interesting dual.  It will be interesting to see what will happen if she holds that the current state of Coronial law actually prevents her from going into camera - which is what a lot of lawyers in this area think.  Will that mean that she forces MI5 to give evidence in public or will that evidence not be heard at all or will she find a way of protecting national security whilst keeping the inquest as open as possible?  Watch this space.

28 October 2010Submissions re RIPA and ability to have 'closed hearings'10am-4.30pm


  1. Some analysis of the July 7 Inquest proceedings:
    covering the transcripts in detail etc.

  2. Dame Hallett holds very high judicial office. She is sitting without a jury. She ought to be entrusted with ALL the available evidence.

  3. “I do accept that people want to know exactly what happened, and we will make sure that they do.... We will bring together all the evidence that we have and publish it, so that people—the victims and others— can see exactly what happened..... we will publish a full account of all the information that we have.”
    -- Tony Blair, 14th December 2005

    Since a British Prime Minister made a public commitment to publish a full account of all the information, why then is it even being considered that all information should not be made available to the public?

    A sincere undertaking by the head of government over an horrific incident should not be swept aside.