Thursday, 22 July 2010


This is a brilliant blog post about the Libyan bomber affair -'s_blog-_Bomber,_bomber,.html

The Judges at Mayor's and City Court are not allowed to urge you to write to the MoJ to persuade the civil servants not to axe the country's oldest civil court...but I am...and I urge you to write to them ASAP. The best point is that the Court's buildings, utilities and costs are entirely met by the Corporation of London and not the Court Service...making it the cheapest as well as the oldest civil court.  It is truly a local court - local to the City and earns lots of court fees issuing claims for local City firms where the High Court's heavier jurisdiction is not required and it is much more user friendly and efficient than the nightmare that is the Central London Civil Justice Centre and County Court.  Please, please save Mayor's and City! See my earlier post and this is the address to send your protest about M and CC to:

So the Iraq War was illegal - in the personal opinion of the Dep Prime Minister - not the opinion of HMG you understand - which is waiting for the Chilcot Inquiry finding - although the Chilcot Inquiry says it is not going to rule on illegaility....all clear?

And Michael Howard became a Lord  - just had to post the video of that momentous if not slightly scary occasion:  see here 

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