Wednesday 7 October 2015

New Legal Year Excitement

The usual processing to the Abbey and Breakfasting thereafter (doesn't Gove LC look lovely):

They had an Orthodox service in Melbourne earlier this year...ought to try that at home...

Apart from the usual excitement, look out for the Brand New Financial List in the Rolls Building, which is supported by a new Part 63A CPR and is going to be run by a partnership of the Commercial Court and the Chan D.  Also check out PD 51M which will allow this new judicial beast to hear claims without a cause of action, so called friendly actions:

2.1 The Financial Markets Test Case Scheme applies to a claim started in the Financial List which raises issues of general importance to the financial markets in relation to which immediately relevant authoritative English law guidance is needed (“a qualifying claim”).

2.2 In such cases the Financial Markets Test Case Scheme enables the qualifying claim to be determined without the need for a present cause of action between the parties to the proceedings.

Proceedings in the Financial Markets Test Case Scheme

2.3 Where there is a qualifying claim a person who is or was actively in business in the relevant market may, by mutual agreement, issue proceedings against another person who is or was actively in business in the relevant market provided that other person has opposing interests as to how the law of England and Wales issue(s) raised by the qualifying claim should be resolved.

THERE is another beast introduced into the wilds this month - "The County Court Legal Adviser"  - Barristers or Solicitors who will be able to do all sorts of judicial things at the County Court Business Centre and the County Court Claims Centre - like extending time for service of the Claim Form within the limitation period, permitting amendments to the POC before the Defence is in or stay proceedings by consent....if you don't like their orders you can ask the DJ to take another look.  Speaking of which I always like it when a DJ dresses up:

ALSO, there are some new Criminal Procedural Rules and a general revolution in criminal case management...about which I blissfully know nothing at all....

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