Sunday 26 July 2015


Gove and the Govt are thinking about putting Court and Tribunal fees up again.  Indeed they are thinking of introducing fees where currently there are none:

For example:

  • The general fee cap of £10,000, rising to £20,000 (but not for PI)
  • A general 10% uplift on civil fees all round.
  • Civil possession claim from £280 to £355.  As most of those are brought by local authorities and social housing providers, the flow of cash would be a little circular.
  • General Part 23 Applications - from £50 to £100 if without notice and from £155 to £255 otherwise.
  • Divorce is going up from £410 to £750; why not profit from those going through one of the worst periods of their life.
  • Want to appeal to the C of A, was £235, went up to £480, in future - £528??
  • Want a hearing in the Immigration Chamber of the FTT?  £280 up from £140.
  • Want to challenge your landlord in the Leasehold bit of the FTT?  £2,000 for hearing, currently nil!
  • Want to challenge an FOI refusal from HMG in the FTT - currently free, in future £500!
  • Don't like a HMRC decision, want to appeal to the Tax Chamber of the FTT -  all currently free - fees to be introduced, up to £1000?
Thinking that all of that is a bit of a step too far....

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