Saturday 17 May 2014

Central London County Court - now at the RCJ?

The Court Hearing Centre in Central London belonging to the new national County Court will no longer be in its splendid (from the outside, not inside) Regency (think Bath) style crescent in Regent's Park, but has gone to a new home in the Thomas Moore Building (last home of the Chancery Division, now residing in the Rolls Building) within the RCJ estate on the Strand to be known as the Central London Hearing Centre of the new national County Court.  Just a little example of how a Court which looked after Westminster and Camden is being moved under the new non-local arrangement - all to save money and resources.  No doubt the Crown Estate will be able to re-let the incumbent Court at great profit! The CLCC has for many years been effectively an overflow for the Chan D of the High Court and its location in the Chan D's old home is no coincidence because it is going to get more of its work, with a newly widened Chan, bankruptcy and winding up jurisdiction to take the pressure off the Rolls Buildings Registrars (a process which started in 2011)........ The Supreme Court Costs Office and the Costs Judges and Masters will continue to occupy the TMB for the meantime....

So goodbye this

And hello this little beauty:


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