Sunday 19 May 2013

Save UK Justice....or else...

Criminal barristers earn bugger all.  I know - I'm married to one and spend lots of time with them.  If you get into trouble - you will want one but if HMG gets its way either you'll have to pay lots to get one or you'll get a free one who does not want to do his or her best for you because of the way the State pays them.....

If citizens are not properly represented when the State accuses them of a crime, then society and civilisation breaks down because each innocent person incompetently represented and thereby unjustly convicted is another reason why the population might chose not to obey democratically enacted laws.  Without that obedience....remember the riots of 2 years ago......everything breaks down........You can cut the costs of the public purse, but not the irreducible minimum costs of civilisation itself.  Taxes are the price we pay for a civilised society (Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, Justice of US Supreme Court), the Criminal Bar is one of things that has to be included in that price.

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