Friday 26 April 2013

La Reyne le veult

Forasmuch as We cannot at this time be present in the Higher House of Our said Parliament being the accustomed place for giving Our Royal Assent...HMQ sent her Commissioners to prorogue Parliament and to signify her Royal Assent to various Bills, Her Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster intoning ....My Lords, in obedience to Her Majesty's Commands, and by virtue of the Commission which has been now read, We do declare and notify to you, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons in Parliament assembled, that Her Majesty has given Her Royal Assent to the several Acts in the Commission mentioned

Those Assents Royal brought to an end legislative deliberation on some Bills which have filled much space on this Blog:

Justice and Security Act 2013 - much discussed here and elsewhere and now law - not palatable but necessary....

Crime and Courts Act 2013 - the abolition of the county courts as we know them....more on this blog here. Family Courts also get a thorough reform by this Act....

Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 - brings reform to employment law, health and safety law and might facilitate press regulation...

There is also a Defamation Act 2013, which is a little beyond my field and a Succession to the Crown Act 2013 which ensures that a first born Princess of Cambridge will not be trumped by a younger Royal brother.

HMQ will read out the new legislative programme from the throne on May 8th:

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons, by virtue of Her Majesty's Commission which has been now read, we do, in Her Majesty's name, and in obedience to Her Majesty's Commands, prorogue this Parliament to the 8th day of May, to be then here holden, and this Parliament is accordingly prorogued to Wednesday, the 8th day of May.

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  1. What you don't say is why these words are used and why they were spoken - and broadcast on the BBC - but not put in Hansard. See also the article by Francis Bennion Statute Law Review 1981. Do we really need words of Norman French in a 21st century democracy? TT