Sunday 30 December 2012

Predictions for 2013?

Will JSB pass the Commons? (Yes)  Will HMG accept the Lords amendments (Hope so).

Will somebody do something to halt the abolition of the County Courts? (No)

Will HMG fully implement Leveson? (Yes- quickly please)

Will employment law get more bonkers? (Yes)

Will Assange leave the Ecudorian embassy? (No)

Will Jackson see a flury of CFA funded large group actions started on 31st March? (Yes)

Will the Chief Coroner carry on being a good thing? (Yes)

Will HMG damage JR by reform and do nothing about the immigration log jam? (Please no)

Keep an eye on Sumption JSC - he's had time to settle in - we may see some interesting judgments this year.....

Lots to look forward to...................

Congratulations to Dame Ursula Brennan, PUS at MOJ on her honour, to the Recorder of London on his CBE, to the Chief Crown Prosecutor for London on her CB, to Rustom Tata (solicitor) on his MVO, to Cherie Booth QC on her CBE, to Isobel Letwin (Solicitor Department of Health) for her CBE, to Marilyn Darg, chair of the bench of North Somerset Magistrates Court on her MBE and likewise to Mrs Jennifer Farmer MBE JP.


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