Sunday 26 February 2012

Scottish Independence Referendum....People of Doncaster will not be able to vote

The residents of Doncaster, South Yorkshire want to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum. 

The old county borough of Doncaster was in South Yorkshire (see those white roses on its corporate coat of arms - also check out the lion on the left who has the British Rail sign as a collar!) which was a county established by Local Government Act 1972 and therefore by Schedule 1, Interpretation Act 1978, Doncaster is in England and not Scotland, whatever the Treaty of Durham says....

the old Kingdom of Scotland was defined legally by the Treaty of York 1237  and that territory became part of Great Britain by article I Union with Scotland Act 1706.

Before they start getting excited - Berwick upon Tweed is also in England and not Scotland - see para 5, Schedule 2, Interpretation Act 1978 despite what their local Football and Rugby Union teams think.

The truth is that self-determination is a matter for those who live in the territory concerned, and not for others who used to live their, or whose forebears lived there.  Therefore the referendum is for and is properly only for residents only.


  1. When the England/Scotland boundary comes to the east coast, there is an interesting question as to where it goes after that in territorial waters. A short time ago, the boundary was altered - to the benefit, as it happens, of England. It runs North East - rather than due east (as the Scots would perhaps prefer).

    Is self-determination the only issue? Given that the present UK is an economic entity, everyone in the UK would be affected by Scottish independence.

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