Tuesday 2 August 2011

Judicial Merrygoround

OK - are you sitting comfortably:

Sir Anthony May has retired and been replaced by Sir John Thomas as P of the QB (Hallett LJ to be his deputy).  Lord Wilson has left the C of A  to go to the Supreme Court. Smith LJ, Sedley LJ and Jacob LJ have all retired (all will be sadly missed).  They have therefore been replaced in the C of A by Rafferty J (QB), McFarlane J (Fam D), Davis J (QB), Lewison J (Chan D) and Kitchen J (Chan D). In addition David Steele J has retired.  Those vacancies have been filled by Andrew Popplewell QC,  Robert Hildyard QC,  Charles Haddon-Cave QC, HHJ Globe QC and Rabinder Singh QC - albeit there does not seem to be a replacement for McFarlane J in the Fam D (perhaps this will follow)......


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