Friday 25 June 2010

As I said before - Make Dyson a Lord!!!

Rozenberg and a chap writing in the Times raise an issue
I have raised before:

I am not particularly bothered by honours and titles - it just looks ridiculous that all of the Supreme Court Justices are Lords and Ladies apart from the new boy Sir John Dyson (top left).  I agree they should not get peerages but we could still give new Justices a harmonising title:

I urge again, as I have urged before, for Scottish style non-peerage Lord or Ladyships to be conferred on new Justices of the Supreme Court.  Her Majesty is the fount of all honour and can institute a new courtesy title by royal prerogative - the title of Lord or Lady for Justices of the Supreme Court.  It just requires a new piece of vellum....

Come on Ken (Lord Chancellor)  - make it look neat!

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